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We do smart things with your data so you can do things smarter.


At The Data Collective we partner with businesses to achieve smart, data-driven outcomes. An innovative and forward thinking data & analytics services consultancy, our highly experienced team will help you navigate the ever-evolving data landscape, cutting through industry hype & buzzwords, and delivering solutions tailored to your business needs. We will enable you to respond to change and opportunity, be they business or technology driven.


Data • Driven • Results

Whether analysing performance, planning the day ahead, or looking for that next opportunity, we can help make your data your eyes into the past, present and future.

We engage with total commitment and seek to exceed expectations. We set high standards and hold ourselves accountable. Our passion for data informs everything we say and do.

We believe that focusing on customer partnerships leads to better collaboration and a shared ownership of the desired outcome... Your success becomes our success!

“Firms today experience a much higher velocity of business change. Market opportunities appear or dissolve in months or weeks instead of years.“  

— Diego Lo Giudice and Dave West, Forrester


Services we offer

A combination of products and data services, enhanced to meet your needs and supported through professional managed services. 


Strategy & Innovation

Data Strategy & Roadmaps

Data Platform Health Checks

Programme & Project

Delivery Management

Technology / Product

Selection Advisory



Enterprise Architecture

Cloud Architecture

Data Platform Architecture

Data Ingestion and
Integration Architecture


Cloud Adoption

On-premise to Cloud
“lift and shift” migrations

Data Platform modernisation
for the cloud

Greenfields Cloud Data
Platform deployments


Information Management

Data Governance

Master Data Management

Data Matching, de-duplication
and survivorship

Data Quality


Data Integration & Publishing

Data Ingestion & Data Lakes 

Data Engineering 

Data Migration 

Modern Data Warehousing


Business Intelligence
& Data Visualisation

Data Modelling

Data Virtualisation

Semantic Modelling

Dashboards and Reporting



Stream Analytics

Internet of Things /
Big Data Analytics

Predictive Modelling

Machine Learning & AI


Managed Services

Consumption based support hours

Discounted pre-paid support hours

Proactive monitoring and
recommendation models

Ready to do things smarter?